Two New Execs at Modem Media

  • September 29, 2003
Modem Media, Inc. on Monday announced it had hired two new senior-level marketing strategists to further expand and leverage the company's database marketing expertise. Bill Firing, Vice-President, Marketing Strategy, is based in the company's San Francisco office, and Michael Maher, also Vice-President, Marketing Strategy, is based in Modem Media's Norwalk, CT office. Marc Particelli, CEO, Modem Media, says, "We see marketers beginning to migrate more and more toward integrated marketing and away from traditional siloed marketing. As they do so, they are increasingly recognizing the role that Internet-based database marketing can have in measuring both online and offline campaign effectiveness. Michael and Bill have both done groundbreaking work in this area, and we are thrilled to supplement our existing database marketing function with their expertise."
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