Ovaltine Facebook App Turns Kids' Quips Into Art


Ovaltine has launched a Facebook app, dubbed “Quotagraph,” that lets moms readily turn their kids’ verbal gems into digital art.

To use the app, a mom simply types in the quote, the child’s name and age, a description of the moment, and her own first name and last initial, then chooses a design template to showcase the quote.

The app -- which also enables users to save and share the art via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter -- is designed to give moms new reasons to think of Ovaltine by offering them a tool that they can find nowhere else, and to contemporize the more than 100-year-old brand.

The app will be promoted through a campaign that includes flash banners on sites targeted to moms and outreach to mommy bloggers.



“Ovaltine’s brand promise is: We help you check off the box for nutrition, so you can focus on living in the moment with your child,” says Jim Sollisch, VP and senior creative director for Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas, which created the app and campaign. 

“Brands today have to do more than craft messages -- they have to provide utility and value to consumers,” Sollisch adds. “Our research showed that Moms are very cued into the things their kids say, as signposts of kids’ emotional and social development, but they’re constantly bemoaning the fact that they can’t quite remember all of the adorable, brilliant, insightful things their kids say. There are plenty of tools for capturing kids’ visual moments, but up to now, none for capturing the words. Quotagraph is like Instagram for words.”

Launched in the early 1900’s, Ovaltine has just recently ventured into social media. The brand launched a Facebook page in April, quickly generating 200,000 “likes” through a free sample promotion. Through fan sharing/buzz, likes have grown to nearly 218,000 in about three months currently. 

The campaign promoting the Quotagraph app launches next week.

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