Ben & Jerry's App Finds 'Partners' for Facebook Fans

Ben-Jerry-App-ABen & Jerry’s latest in a series of Facebook apps is dubbed “Wanna Spoon?”

This time, to promote B&J’s new Greek Frozen Yogurt line, agency Amalgamated has developed an algorithm that scans Facebook, searching dozens of categories to uncover things that people have in common (favorite bands, shared “likes,” relatives with the same name, where they’ve vacationed, etc.).

The app generates ideal “spooning partners” for the Facebook fan, who can then select a partner, download a coupon for B&J’s Greek Frozen Yogurt, and share it with the  partner by posting a link on his or her Facebook timeline.

The new app was shared with B&J’s Facebook fans last week, and is being rolled out this week, with support from paid media to drive awareness within the broader Facebook community. 



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