What's The Download On Downloads (And Other Mobile KPIs)

Asked by panel moderator Tina Unterlaender, account director-mobile at AKQA, how they measure the success of their mobile marketing initiatives, the “Mobile First” panel gave quite a range of KPIs (key performance indicators), but generally said the ROI may not yet be truly measurable for mobile.

“We’re all about downloads,” International Speedway Corp.’s Kerry Camisa said, quickly adding, and “customer experience” too. (But telling that her first response was a measurable metric like downloads.)

Plantronics Amber Gravely said, “For us, it’s about registration,” implying that data and potential customer acquisition is even more key.

For The Golf Channel’s Amanda Norvell, she said measuring downloads and golf tee time bookings were the easy part, given the rapid rise of the golfer demographic’s use of mobile media. The hard part, she said, was integrating that perspective with The Golf Channel’s overall marketing initiatives, because it’s more difficult to see how it fits into the bigger picture. “I wouldn’t say we’ve necessarily figured it out,” she admitted.

Intuit’s Cathleen Ryan concurred with TGC’s Norvell, adding that the greater challenge now is on the overall marketing side, particular for tracking the role of mobile in pure customer “acquisition.”

“In lieu of clear tracking, we look at business outcomes,” she explained. “What was the overall investment and overall returns on our revenue generating apps.” Beyond that, she said, it’s about tracking customer experience, and being mindful of the fact that Intuit’s approach to mobile marketing starts with understanding and “mirroring” how its customers use mobile media, “not necessarily on what’s best measured.”

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