Speedskaters: Bring On Olympics, 2014

  • August 20, 2012

So long, London; hello, Russia: U.S. Speedskating says it has undergone a major rebranding initiative, including a new Web site, logo and new team uniforms, as it gears up for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Previously, the organization made plenty of room for skaters to connect with each other, but little room for fans.

"Even though we're the most decorated winter sport federation in America, a year ago we really had zero brand -- no marketing outreach," the organization says in its release. The new site, designed by Struck, differentiates between long-track skaters, who describe themselves with words like solitary and graceful, and short-track racers, who tend to think of themselves as “NASCAR on ice,”  the agency says. So the new look blends both, and encourages fan engagement. U.S. Speedskating has won 85 Olympic medals, making it the most successful winter sport in the U.S. 



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