TWC Touts 1M Facebook Fans

Time Warner Cable issued a press release Tuesday crowing about hitting 1 million fans on Facebook. Never mind that brands and celebrities including Facebook, YouTube, “The Simpsons,” and Shakira are north of 50 million. But, hey, that's a lot for a cable company. TWC credited its “Enjoy Better' campaign for nearly tripling its fan base on Facebook from 338,000 in February. The effort included specialized tabs on the company's Facebook page to let viewers get special content around movies and sports on TWC channels.

But since posting on its Facebook page to thanks fans for reaching the 1 million mark last week, the cable operator hasn't received hearty congratulations from customers so much as a chorus of complaint. Here's a sample of some of the comments posted by TWC's “passionate” fans:

-Harold Boone: Give me a lower bill if you wanna say thanks.

-Ricky McPherson: Lower prices and stop feeding us BS about why you don't have the NFL Network.

-Ya busted: Now thank us back and don't park in bike lanes.

-Donna Duncan: Just keeping us connected on cable and Internet would be nice.

Looks like TWC will just have to keep waiting for that pat on the back.



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