Memorable Ads Employ Humor, Supply 'Upbeat' Storyline

Laughing-AIt doesn’t take much for Super Bowl viewers to conclude that Madison Avenue believes humor is a winner. Nielsen research found “audience-appropriate humor” is one of five “common characteristics” that yield successful TV spots based on viewer “memorability.”   
Also on the list is relatability. Boiled down: hipsters at a concert in a Budweiser spot may not make prune-juice lovers try more beer. “Audiences will connect with personalities and scenarios that they can identify with,” Nielsen says.
The research was generated from the Nielsen TV Brand Effect service, which is based on viewer surveys. Even with adherence to tactics Nielsen finds effective, advertisers to work to stand out. An average of 38 ads a minute air on a collection of national TV outlets.
“The ability to create a true winning commercial is an undeniable art form, but there’s science behind it, too,” stated Joe Stagaman, a Nielsen executive vice president in advertising effectiveness analytics.
Nielsen says ads with a “simple and upbeat storyline” cut through. Spots can’t just dole out information, but need to establish a narrative. The best ones need impactful dialogue, so “changing a message from simple prose to a conversation will give the story life," the report concludes.
As marketers are increasingly turning to neuroscience to offer insights into ad resonance, Nielsen found that ads building “an emotional connection” are effective “by triggering the brain to identify an experience as important enough to remember.” That would dovetail with the highly praised 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Volkswagen with a mini-Darth Vader achieving a dream -- which featured plenty of humor, too.



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  1. Neil Mahoney from Mahoney/Marketing, August 27, 2012 at 9:50 a.m.

    Writing in a conversational style to engage and keep the reader/viewer is as old or older than I am. I agree that humor is a great way to capture attention, but being truly humorous isn't easy. Most attempts are corny and fall flat and make you sound stupid. Good humor in ads is rare. More and more, ads seem to be using well-know musical themes to attract and hold viewers.

    They used to be called "jingles." Everything old is new again.

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