Maybe Social TV Should Really By 'TV Social'

Mike Bloxham, marketing chief of the Media Behavior Institute, just shed a startling stat with the Social Media Insider Summit crowd in Tahoe. Drawing on MBI’s USA Touchpoints analysis of how people really use media – including their concurrent usage of mediums – Bloxham pointed out that for all the talk about “social TV,” you know people using social media while watching television. It’s actually a “teeny weeny” slice of total time spent watching television: 2%.

“That’s amazing,” Bloxham exclaimed, adding, however, that if you look at the “other end of the telescope” – the time people spend using social media in while they are watching television, it’s actually pretty significant: 30%.

Based on this finding, I’m going to suggest we change the industry buzz term “social TV” to “TV social.” Or something better than that, if you’ve got any suggestions.

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