Cox Throws 'Football' Campaign Cross-Platform

Cox Communications, the country’s third-largest cable operator, is looking to football to score a brand-building touchdown this fall. The company is debuting a “Cox is Football” multiplatform campaign in 26 markets.

The Cox footprint includes homes in the football hotbeds of Cleveland, New Orleans and Oklahoma City.

Cox says its three TV spots are scheduled to air about 6,500 times, while the effort will also include 100-plus print, outdoor and online platforms. The cable operator is also using a “tailgate” promotion at its retail stores on Fridays.

Cox is throwing deep with football programming, carrying the new Pac-12 suite of networks in six states, including Arkansas and Kansas. Both areas are far outside the conference’s footprint.

In a similar move, it’s added the Big Ten Network in California, which is a long way from schools such as Nebraska and Iowa, located on the conference’s Western edge. It also offers the network in out-of-region areas, such as Nevada and Virginia.

Both moves could be aimed at grabbing subscribers away from competing satellite and telco TV operators.

Cox football programming will also be available live streamed on iPads inside homes and via ESPN3. The cable operator will also offer NFL and college games in HD on at least eight networks.



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