Your Facebook Newsfeed, On a Big Screen, In 3D

Technological advancement or sign of the apocalypse? LG Electronics, a big proponent of content viewing in 3D, created an experimental platform in which users could view their Facebook Newsfeeds on 3D screens. This begs the question: Is 3D becoming ubiquitous?

Perfect Fools created LG 3D Studio, which houses the free app that brings a user’s Facebook feed to life, morphing posts from friends and brands into 3D building blocks. The number of likes and comments to a post determines how tall and how wide a block becomes.

So if a pal’s senseless trivia and everyday minutia is aggravating in 2D, what will it do in 3D? I’m guessing Facebook will begin offering anger management courses – or users will get more selective about friending. Conversely, if your buddies lead a jet-set lifestyle, 3D just enhances their fun.

The application can also be viewed using a 2D screen, but looks better in 3D.

“It can be used anywhere in the world, as long as Facebook is not restricted,” said Michael Aneto, head of strategic planning at Perfect Fools. “It can also be used on all 3D screens, not just LG's.”

The app launched July 30 and initially debuted in beta, tested by members of Amsterdam’s creative community.

Aneto said the biggest challenge of the campaign was “convincing LG to do something different.” How about a cellphone you can actually hear on?

He also said the app has left users feeling a bevy of emotions, from “inspired, intrigued, puzzled and critical.” Let's add confused. If they keep viewing everything online, they may forget how to use their legs. Here's five words that may save you from an early embolism: Step away from the screen.

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