TWC Launches Regional Sports Net

LA-LakersEven before it launches Oct. 1, the new Time Warner Cable regional sports network in Los Angeles has had a great few months on the content front. Distribution may be another story.
The network’s principal programming, Los Angeles Lakers games, has received a boost with the team’s acquisition of two superstars, which should up interest. But the network will have to ink deals with a variety of distributors, including satellite operators and cable companies moving west to Las Vegas and south to San Diego.

Still, the NBA season leaves the summer and some of the fall to fill the programming slate and plenty of off-nights during the winter.

Time Warner Cable SportsNet -- the name is one of the more prominent signs that the cable operator doesn’t plan on altering its brand anytime soon -- has inked deals to carry college football and basketball games with UNLV, San Diego State and Fresno State.
The network will carry 12 football games and about 24 basketball ones. The football schedule begins five days after launch with Fresno State at Colorado State and continues until Dec. 1. The basketball schedule is to be announced later.
The network will carry some Los Angeles Galaxy MLS games and WNBA games to fill some summertime slots.
Time Warner Cable is also debuting a Spanish version of the network.



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