Sony To Launch 4K TV


The future of HD is no longer clear. Sony is launching a 4K set that can display images with four times the picture quality of high-def, known as UHD (Ultra High Definition).

The 84-inch LCD sets will be available in Sony Stores and other North American outlets later this year. Sony says it will bring a “full cinema-like experience” to the “living room with an immersive, full-bodied and rich sound,” including theater-quality 3D content.   

Sony did not announce a price, although LG said last week that a 4K set it is introducing would cost around $22,000.

The Sony set, XBR-84X900, also offers a chance to upload photos and view them with 4K resolution, which can allow people to view “life-sized pictures of their family and friends.”

Plus, the set also allows viewers control via a smartphone or tablet and access to online video from YouTube and Netflix via built-in Wi-Fi.

There have been suggestions that much UHD content will be available for the sets, but Sony says broadcast shows in a 4K format are in the pipeline. Taylor Swift will release a music video in 4K Thursday.

Sony has used 4K digital cinema projectors in theaters and says about 75% of 4K theaters across the globe use its technology.



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