2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Online Advertising Creativity: Social: Use of Widgets, Spotify, Microsoft


This is a really fun widget that makes people aware of a) Bing’s extensive Artist Pages music encyclopedia, and b) Bing’s capability to inject a social experience into all aspects of your Web life. You run this within Spotify, and you are, upon entering the app, presented with a list of the top 40 artists that are trending on Spotify in your area. You can then download the top song of each of these artists, which are collected in a “Bing Playlist” for you. The fun part is if you sign in to the app with Facebook, it gives you a list of the top 40 artists that are trending among your friends. You then can do the same with the top songs of each artist and get a “Bing Playlist” that you can share and other Spotify users can listen to. Any time you click on an artist within this app, it automatically takes you to the Bing Artist Page, which is a lot like the iTunes artist bio, but with videos and news from around the Web relating to the artist as well. It’s a nice little tool that cleanly demonstrates the aggregation capabilities of Bing, both social and Web-wide. 

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Winners will be announced at the 2012 OMMA Awards reception in New York on October 1, 2012
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