Creative Search Optimization Feeds Mobile Conversions

TabletValentino, Gucci, Chloe, Michael Kors -- know the designers? (BBOS) lets consumers rent, buy, and sell designer handbags online.The Seattle-based site got started connecting with consumers on PCs, but sales and rentals from consumers accessing the site from mobile devices continue to rise. 

BBOS's mobile visitors drove 29% of the company’s total revenue in 2011 -- a quarter of the site's total traffic -- and higher-than-average order values. Marketers at platform company DataPop realized niche benefits associated with targeting on tablets and smartphones and after comparing consumer activities across screens. A recent case study calls attention to several important points to increase average order size and conversions.

Consumers browse more on tablets. The increase led to a rise in click-through rates and an 11% uptick in average order size compared with PCs. DataPop research found that price isn't as much of a consideration for customers when searching through queries on tablets. Consumers seem more interested in product features, which suggests that marketers need to pay more attention to creative pieces in campaigns. So consider dayparting, and a focus on product attributes.

Marketers may not think consumers don't shop heavily on small smartphone screens, but the average order size for BBOS during the study generated 121% higher rates compared with desktops, explains Tal Halpern, senior marketing manager at DataPop. 

Since limited real estate requires marketers to do more with less, landing pages and creative messages become the key to targeting specific markets and optimizing search queries on engines. Queries are shorter on smartphones, compared with tablets and PCs. So marketers need to pay more attention to exact-match keywords and target ads per geographic location because consumers don't add geographic-specific location information in queries because they expect the "smart" phone to know.

Don't expect stale messages to connect with consumers. Similar to the way handbag designers update styles and trends, so do search marketers, in order to refresh ideas and messages. 

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