Apple's iPhone 5 Has A Mountain To Climb To Surpass Samsung's Online Video Buzz

It may still be early days, but Apple has a long way to go if buzz for the iPhone 5 is to surpass the video marketing efforts of competitor Samsung for its new line of Galaxy smartphones.

On YouTube, Apple’s “Introducing iPhone 5” video, launched yesterday, currently has around 120,000 views. As Jim Edwards of Business Insider says: “That it's 7 minutes long -- an age in Web video -- doesn't help either.” However, it should be noted that this video is mostly about product specs, rather than being purely promotional.

By comparison, a hands-on video for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has been seen by 2.5 million people since the beginning of the month and is the most-shared video in social media in the last 24 hours and seven days, according to Unruly Media’s viral video chart for tech ads.

Samsung’s strong viral position may not be a coincidence, Edwards points out, as a simple search for “iPhone 5” on YouTube yields sponsored ads from Samsung at the top of the page. “And the fact that Apple hasn't yet launched an iPhone 5 commercial on its YouTube channel isn't helping either,” he adds. “It's left Samsung in the enviable position of serving video content into the gap created by Apple's lack of new advertising.”

Have a look at both videos below: 

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