Sports Fans Turn More To Web, Social Media

Fox-Sports-BFrom true fanatics to casual viewers, TV remains the dominant channel through which consumers get their sports fix.
One-half -- 49.8% -- of all sports fans say the television is still their primary source for sports information, according to a recent survey of 950 U.S. online adults by Burst Media.
Still, more than a quarter -- 26.5% -- now cite content Web sites as their main connection to sports.
Interestingly, among all sports fans, the divide between television and content sites is reduced significantly -- by 17.4% -- when it comes to which medium respondents say is the best for sports news and information, versus what they indicated was their primary medium.

In fact, two-fifths -- 41.3% -- say TV is the best medium, while 35.4% say content sites are the best.
What’s more, one third -- 35.1% -- of all sports fans report going online at least once per day for sports-related reasons, with far more devoted fans -- 66.8% -- making their daily pilgrimage to the Web.
In the social media realm, one-third -- 34.7% -- of 18- to-34-year-olds frequently or very frequently use social media to comment on, tweet/retweet, share or link to online sports content and video.
Only 15.2% of 35- to-54-year-olds -- and 2.5% of those age 55 or older -- say they engage in the same social activity.
Tablets and smartphones are emerging as sports content consumption platforms, as 31.6% of all sports fans now report using tablets, and 45.7% report using smartphones to access online sports content and video.
Sports fans are also tablet and smartphone multitaskers, as one-third -- 35.7% -- say they use tablets and/or smartphones to access online sports content while watching sports on television.
Devoted sports fans are overwhelmingly -- 79.0% -- male, while the gender breakdown among casual fans is evenly split. Spanning socioeconomic categories, one half -- 50.6% -- of all devoted fans have at least a college degree, while 43.7 reside in high-income households.

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  1. Brian Petersen from Initiative, September 18, 2012 at 10:01 a.m.

    Gavin, can you let me know what the source is for this data. Also, when you mention tablet and smartphone multitaskers, is it 35.7% of those who own tablets/smartphones or of the total Sports Fans universe?

  2. Mark Kaefer from RhythmOne, September 25, 2012 at 2:40 p.m.

    Hi Brian,

    This is a Burst Media survey. You can grab a copy of the full report at

    The 35.7% figure you are referring to is of the total sports fans audience.

    Feel free to message me at should you have any questions about the report.


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