The Monetisation Imperative Panel Snapshot: From Ad Units to Rich-Media Mobile Inventory

Grimshaw: With the restrictions of what on offer in the market – tiny ad strips – knew it couldn’t offer the experience that advertisers want. Ad strips are not a big cake to take a slice of. It’s about offering large creatives with rich media.

Goldsmith: Some of the sales in digital is beginning to offset the print decline for publishers.

Danks: end of campaign reports tell the advertiser everything they would want to know. Compare that to print you don’t get anything. This impacts price control and yield.

Grimshaw: The ad landscape, which is fundamentally different, is why publishers have struggled to monetise digital. There are agencies saying they can buy inventory at 10c per thousand – no one can be making any money out of that.

Goldsmith: As long as you show advertisers you can target the people they want, they’ve got money to spend.

Tatton-Brown: The direct response, ringtone download market still exists. For this, we're working with firms like Adfonic. But we have seen shift in the last 12 months, with marketers looking for other ways of doing mobile that are more creative. Amobee is working with Ebay on its Shopping Universe campaign – a rich campaign with interaction rates of 90%. There’s a definite shift towards more rich media but we need to be more effective and efficient in the way we plan. 

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