Hillshire Farm Sweats The Details


Hillshire Farm's first creative from Y&R New York focuses on the brand’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The campaign, themed “Greatness is in the Details,” kicks off with a 30-second TV spot in which a chef watches a timer to ensure that he'll pull a slow-roasted turkey out of the oven at exactly the right time.

The voiceover: “A few extra minutes after hours of roasting seems unimportant. But at Hillshire Farm, cooking a turkey is a delicate thing. Take it out too early, and the flavors won’t sink in. But right on the dot, and the meat is silky and swimming in pan juices… It’s why every batch of our farm-raised turkey turns a mere sandwich into something…wait for it…mesmerizing. Hillshire Farm. Because it’s worth doing right.”



To emphasize the brand’s “farmhouse values” while also conveying its convenience, the spot’s farmhouse kitchen setting segues into close-ups of the lunch meats being used to make sandwiches, followed by a shot of the resealable product package, and closes with a shot of a farmer leaving a Hillshire Farm barn.

While the “Timer” spot represents the first step in a new marketing direction for Hillshire Farm, its theme represents a return to the “roots” and core differentiator of the nearly 75-year-old brand, says Reggie Moore, Hillshire Farm marketing vice president.

“We’re shining a spotlight on what Hillshire Farm has done well for generations -- create quality meat products that can be enjoyed by the entire family,” Moore says. “As our brand and the needs of our consumers have evolved, so has the advertising.”

The new spot began airing nationally and in targeted markets around the country on Sept. 17. A visual refresh of the brand's consumer site,, will go live on Sept. 19.



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