#NOT: Sharing About Life In Hospitals And Bathrooms

In a write-up of a recent study by Intel Corporation about "sharing" habits and attitudes, MediaPost’s Jack Loechner quotes from the survey that "a majority of adults and teens report feeling better connected with family and friends because they share online." This, even though "at least six out of 10 adults and teens believe other people divulge too much information about themselves online."

There was also a chart on "Popular Things About Which U.S. People are Sharing" that caught my eye. Seems that the most popular event for both teens (47%) and adults (42%) to share about is vacation. I get that. Who among us hasn't suffered the family portrait in front of the Eiffel Tower or St Peter's Square? Might as well foist it off on other friends and family so they can be jealous and see that even a $15,000 overseas trip to a historic location doesn't erase that look of utter boredom on your teenager's face.



The next-most-popular events to share were "eating a meal with others" (#shakeshack: Ugh, new list of calorie totals giving me and Fred acid reflux) and Sporting Events (#Jets: Oh shit, here we go again; isn't this why we got Tebow?).

But then the rankings get a little squirrely. Oddly, the fourth-most-popular event for adults to share is "hospital" and the fifth is "bathroom," outranking  concerts, movies and weddings. For teens. both topped everything else except movies, with bathroom ranking dead even with concerts.

Without further explanation, our imaginations are left to run wild. I suppose that being laid up in the hospital gives you lots of down time to "share," in between having to beg for better pain management and listening to your semiprivate roommate explain his bowel resection in gory detail to uncomfortable visitors. But what about hospital is interesting to anyone else with whom you intend to "share?" (Here is pix of the orderly who empties my bedpan. He is from Ghana and so nice...) (Great news, I FINALLY pooped today, looks like I won't need that enema after all!!) (My roommate has the better view out the window, WTF, I am paying the same rate to be in the room).

And bathroom? What’s that about? In deference to those many loyal readers with delicate sensibilities, I will refrain (today) from making peepee and caca jokes. But with the exception of bathroom as a location (I am in the bathroom and not coming out until you help me think of a way to get rid of that moronic blind date...), I am hard pressed to understand why it is such a popular reference point for sharing.

Interestingly, at the bottom of the list are religious venues, business meetings and funerals. I can easily see these as some sort of perfect trifecta (I saw Saul at Marty's Shacharit and after the funeral we are getting together at shiva if you want to join us...)

I suppose it is poor form to be seen by the pastor or minister texting while he sermonizes, but who knows, you could be spreading the word (Father Greg makes a good point about not coveting thy neighbor's house, but he hasn't seen the Wilson's new kitchen...)

Personally, I’m with the 60% who think "other people divulge too much information about themselves online."  In fact, I think life without social media would be just peachy. And I will tweet that right now.

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