Radio Claims Largest Pre-Shopping Reach

Radio-BoomboxRadio reaches the largest audience immediately before peak shopping hours, and also reaches a larger number of adults ages 25-54 than do digital competitors like the Web, social networks and mobile during an average day, according to a new study by Arbitron and MBI Touchpoints.

The study, carried out in two waves from October 2010-March 2011 and August 2011-January 2012, looked at media consumption, consumer activities and related behaviors for 2,000 adults ages 18-64.
Broadcast AM/FM radio reaches 31% of adults ages 25-54 during the hour prior to the peak shopping period of 1 p.m.-2 p.m., according to the Arbitron study, titled “Where Radio Fits: Radio's Strengths in the Media Landscape." That’s almost twice the reach of live TV during the same period (17%).
Over the course of the whole day, radio reaches 59% of adults ages 25-54 -- second only to TV, which reaches around 80% of adults, and ahead of the Internet (49%), social networks (19%), and mobile Web and mobile apps (16%).



Among audio media, radio accounts for 86% of total time spent listening by adults ages 25-54 -- around eight times the amount of time spent listening to satellite radio and 17x the amount spent listening to online radio.
Radio also expands total audience reach when combined with other media. For example, when added to TV, radio increases reach among adults ages 25-54 by 16%, and the proportion grows to 60% additional reach when radio is combined with the Internet.
Earlier this month, the Radio Advertising Bureau announced that total ad revenues increased 1% in the second quarter, to $4.3 billion. Total ad revenues were also up 1% in first half of the year, to $7.9 billion.

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