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Chase Tops In Customer Satisfaction


A new Harris Poll benchmark study measuring customer satisfaction ratings reveals that trust in Chase Bank remains stable.

Chase received the highest overall customer satisfaction rating in the study, with 59% of Chase Bank customers giving the bank a "satisfied" to "extremely satisfied" rating in overall satisfaction. This compares to Citibank (55%), Bank of America (48%) and Wells Fargo Bank (47%).

The recent news of JPMorgan Chase's trading losses and earnings restatement did not affect ratings. The study found that 15% of Chase Bank customers report that they have heard or read information about Chase's earnings woes in the news and of those that are aware of them, on average their perception and trust of Chase Bank remains neutral. 



The study findings were from within the Harris Poll and Google Consumer Surveys platform and are the first in a series of ongoing Harris Poll benchmark studies.

The study also shows that U.S. national banks continue to evoke customer satisfaction and loyalty, even while consumers remain neutral on the value they receive for the money spent on banking fees.

One key influence of customer satisfaction is the experience with banking associates, showing that personal service really does matter.

When rating the satisfaction of their most recent experience with a banking associate, 25% of Chase Bank customers were "extremely satisfied," compared to Wells Fargo Bank (22%), Bank of America (19%) and Citibank (12%).

Comprising Chase Bank customers' satisfaction with their most recent experience with a bank associate, approximately one in four Chase Bank customers were "extremely satisfied" with their bank associate's friendliness (26%), product and service knowledge (27%), willingness to help (30%) and professionalism (24%).

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