Lexus Print Ad For 2013 ES Leaps To Life

  • October 11, 2012

For its new campaign for the 2013 ES sedan Lexus is employing a technology that converges print and digital. A print ad in the Oct. 15 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, when placed over the screen of an iPad running the Lexus-created video found in this week’s iPad edition of Sports Illustrated or at suddenly  takes for a test drive.

“The new ES proves what’s possible when advanced technology is elevated by style,” said Brian Smith, Lexus VP marketing. “This ad not only communicates that message, but literally replicates the paradigm itself, allowing us to bring an interactive layer to a traditionally static medium.”

Lexus says the new the 2013 ES print ad shows the car and the headline, “Introducing a Stunning Feat.” Typically print to video ads use an tablet camera to capture the ad and then animate the ad onscreen. The Lexus print ad, using CinePrint technology, actually animates the page.



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