Anti-Sugary-Soda Animated Film Goes Viral

  • October 16, 2012

"The Real Bears," an animated online video produced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to dramatize the health impacts of over-consuming sugary sodas, has been viewed about 1.4 million times since its launch on Oct. 10, according to CSPI.

As previously reported by Marketing Daily, the short film, whose creation was overseen by advertising guru Alex Bogusky, tells the story of a family of polar bears who are bombarded by soda advertising, experience all kinds of health problems after drinking too much soda, and ultimately pour their sodas into the ocean. The film features an original song by Jason Mraz.

CSPI says the video spread rapidly on Facebook and Twitter after USA Today called it "the video that Coca-Cola does not want you to see."



Those who have tweeted about the film include fitness expert Jillian Michaels, HuffPo publisher Arianna Huffington, Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and the Today Show’s Joy Bauer, according to CSPI.

New York Times writer Mark Bittman called it "depressing, touching, and effective." "Super Size Me" documentary director Morgan Spurlock called it "one of the most brilliant counter-campaigns ever created."

Now, CSPI is running a follow-up crowd-sourcing contest recruiting videos of people pouring out soda. The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000; second- and third-place winners will receive $500 and $250, respectively; and 10 honorable mentions will receive commemorative T-shirts.

Entries, to be judged on their creativity, originality and effectiveness of their message, are being accepted online through Nov. 7.





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