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C-Stores Driving Traffic With Coffee Promos

cConvenience stores are focusing on the coffee category for promotional activity. 7-Eleven Inc. has its fourth annual 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll, which lets customers vote by picking a blue donkey- or red elephant-themed cup. Pumpkin Spice coffee has returned to Wawa Inc.'s stores, while Pumpkin Spice cappuccino is at The Pantry's Kangaroo Express customers through this fall. Kangaroo Express is also selling a Roo Mug, a reusable Bean Street Coffee mug that debuted Oct. 3 and retails for $1.69 — the same price as an extra-large coffee. “McDonald's has upgraded its offering and other retailers like Subway have entered the breakfast market with quality programs,” said Dean Dirks, CEO at Dirks & Associates, a consulting firm that advises the convenience store industry on foodservice issues. “Foodservice is the differentiator for c-stores and continues to be a growth engine."



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