Global Ad Dollars Up: TV Leads, Internet Rises

Globe-AA2Internet, outdoor, and TV continued to be the top media categories making gains globally in advertising dollars.

For the second quarter, Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse says Internet advertising rose 7.2%; radio gained 6.6%; outdoor was up 4.7%; and TV added on 3.1%. TV holds the biggest share of advertising dollars globally at 61%. Overall, global advertising growth is up 2.7% for the second quarter.

Nielsen says Internet advertising made big improvements in the Mideast and Africa, up 30.3%, while Latin America grew 20.6%. Although economic times have been depressed in Europe, the Internet climbed 11.2% during the period.

TV grew 30.1% in the Mideast and Africa; 6.2% in Latin America, and 4.0% in North America.  In Europe, TV witnessed a 2.2% decline, and a small 1.4% gain in the Asia-Pacific territory.

In print media, magazines and newspapers continues to suffer, with newspapers up 1.6% and magazine advertising down 1.3%. Nielsen says magazine spending fell significantly in both Europe and North America, but both magazines and newspapers saw growth in Latin America, Asian-Pacific, the Mideast and Africa.

Small but growing cinema advertising was up 5.9% with a 40.2% gain in the Asia-Pacific market and a small gain in Europe of 0.4%. But other regions were down: Latin America, off 21.1%; and the Mideast and Africa, sinking 19.1%.



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