Real Numbers: Mobile Video Viewers Watch Seven Minutes A Day; 3.5 Hours A Month

By all accounts, mobile advertising and mobile video are growing fast. The Interactive Advertising Bureau said last week that mobile advertising had nearly doubled  in the first half of the year to $1.2 billion, while eMarketer has said that 50% of smartphone users watch video at least once a month on their phones. Plus, Cisco has said two-thirds of the world'smobile data traffic will be video  by 2016.  But on a pure time spent basis, what do these numbers equate to?

Seven minutes per day.

In August 2012, Android users watched seven minutes of video per day, nearly double the four minutes they spent per day a year ago, according to NPD Group. Android users comprise more than 50% of the smartphone market.

Seven minutes per day equals about 3.5 hour per month, which is not bad at all. NPD added that mobile video usage will rise along with 4G networks, larger screens and better apps.

These figures aren’t far off from Nielsen’s findings from its most recent cross-platform report that the average smartphone user spends about 10 minutes per day watching video on their phones.

The time spent will keep growing, just as the time spent with online video has as well. Online video users now watch seven hours a month . So let’s see how quickly the seven minutes per day on mobile video becomes seven hours per month. Or more.

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  1. Claudio Marcus from FreeWheel, October 19, 2012 at 12:21 p.m.

    And just to put things in perspective, viewing of traditional live TV (based on the cited Nielsen cross-platform report) is 4:38 hours per day, roughly the equivalent of 135 hours per month. So, watching online video amounts to roughly 5% as much time as live TV, while mobile is less than 2.5% as much as live TV. That said, the target and measure ability of online and mobile video make them welcomed additions to the marketing mix. Targeted TV advertising offers the potential to combine target and measure ability with the efficiency and scale of live TV.

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