Barkley Returns For CDW

  • October 22, 2012

Charles Barkley will reprise his role as an IT “ringer” in a fall advertising campaign for CDW, as part of its “People who get IT” campaign.

In the new television commercial, Barkley plays an IT employee of a fictitious company, Gordon& Taylor. He’s positioned as the firm’s “Client Golfer,” because the worse he plays against the firm’s clients, the more business the firm wins. Characters in the commercial (who include LPGA Tour Champion Paul Creamer, who is sponsored by CDW) use analogies of Barkley’s golf game to discuss emerging IT trends.

“Our customers, partners and coworkers loved the Barkley ads we ran during March Madness because they were funny and explained complex IT solutions in a relatable way,” said Neal Campbell, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at CDW, in a statement. “I believe that humor sticks with people. We get greater share of mind when customers laugh while seeing real-life challenges solved by CDW.”  



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