Ad Industry Discovering New Uses For M2M Communication


A technology originally designed to help Google DoubleClick and ad servers supply content on a publisher's site can now automate marketing tasks.

It may seem like a nuance, but this new use of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication allows advertising companies to also support customer service, product development, and other businesses within an organization.

M2M describes automated communication between mechanical or electronic devices without interaction. As the advertising industry prepares to turn the page through automation and cloud capabilities, John Nardone, CEO at [x+1], has finally begun to realize his vision of moving advertising technology into other businesses.

"Audience-based targeting isn't just for advertising," Nardone said. "It's for Web sites, call centers and any interaction channels that brands use to interact with customers and create an experience."

Automation will move services from helping to determine what ad to serve up on a page to integration with CRM systems. Technology will automatically make decisions to carry out tasks and populate databases that can follow up and send consumers information based on actions and clicks.

Nardone said work to build a feature that will automatically populate contact information into CRM databases from data entered into a Web site has begun. The platform will automatically create a record and file the information in the CRM platform when a consumer enters the information online.

"There's a gap in traditional CRM systems because of the issues privacy laws create on the Internet. Information is anonymous," he notes, "but CRM systems require an address."

With M2M communication come security concerns. Some are based on vulnerability and data theft, others on the extra costs surrounding securing the Internet transmission, according to Beecham CEO Robin Duke-Woolley.

Many companies, such as Oracle, known for its enterprise and CRM platforms, are already successful in M2M communication.


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