Hot Pockets' Viral Snoop Dogg Video Keeps Rollin'


"Pocket Like It’s Hot," a tongue-in-cheek video by Snoop Dogg and friends for Hot Pockets, featuring a remix of his hit single "Drop It Like It’s Hot," has pulled more than 4 million views since its YouTube debut on Oct. 10.

And its viewership may gain further momentum from a video posted on Oct. 26 by its director, comedian/actor and "30 Rock" star Judah Friedlander. In his "director’s response" video, Friedlander offers humorous comments on the creative process and what it was like to direct Snoop Dogg.

"Pocket Like It’s Hot" features rapper DeStorm Power, comedian Andy Milonakis, WWE star Brodus Clay, brand character "Herbie Hot Pockets" and Hot Pockets dancers, as well as Snoop Dogg.



The 3:30 video’s action takes place in a microwave oven, a Hot Pockets box, a sauna, a night club and a pepperoni rain storm, among other scenarios.

Snoop Dogg has said that Hot Pockets are his favorite late-night snack. And according to a newly posted interview with Friedlander on, Snoop recommended Friedlander (who claims to eat 150 Hot Pockets every 24 hours) to direct "Pocket Like It’s Hot."

Hot Pockets, a Nestlé USA brand, is featuring the Snoop Dogg and Friedlander videos -- along with the brand’s new national TV spot -- on its Facebook page (which currently has nearly 593,000 "likes").

The "Desire" TV spot builds on the brand’s "Irresistibly Hot" tagline by showing the confusion that ensues when a young-adult guy is so into the experience of eating his just-heated Hot Pocket that he accidentally offends his friend and the friend’s very "hot" sister. 

The Facebook page is also promoting Hot Pockets Limited Edition varieties, including Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza and Four Cheese Garlic Pizza -- in part by encouraging fans to upload their own videos about these items and send Hot Pockets links to their videos. (Some of the videos will be chosen by the brand to be added to its video playlist.)

In addition, the Facebook page is featuring a Hot Pockets Limited Edition store, offering branded merchandise items such as a chef’s apron, a pocket protector/Hot Pocket holder, a stress reliever ball, and a "hands-free" Hot Pocket holder (all of which are sold out now, according to the Facebook site). 

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