Google Pushes Into Cross-Channel Analytics

Data provides businesses benefits, but not without the ability to examine the findings and sort through the meaning depending on the media channel. Google launched Universal Analytics Tuesday to help marketers sync and analyze data from across multiple marketing channels. The cross-channel tool aims to help marketers discover relationships among devices--desktop to tablets to phones to entertainment consoles--driving conversions.

Cross-channel analytics supports cross-media attribution, such as search, display, video, retargeting and more. Becoming successful means knowing the media consumers use to initiate the conversion and the steps taken to complete the task. Having the ability to connect the dots by gathering data and integrating information from a variety of channels requires the ability to build a search strategy across media.

Measurement continues to evolve from technology counting site traffic into one that measures the effectiveness of advertising, sales, product use, support, and retention, according to Manav Mishra, group product manager at Google Analytics.

Google created a new API dubbed the Measurement Protocol allowing developers to initiate a HTTP request and send raw interactive user data to Google Analytics, as well as combine data from several types of sources, such as Google Mobile App Analytics, which recently launched in open beta. The software development kit supports new reports, such as an app version that allows companies to separate use by version, and create tighter and more segmented view of the activity.

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