Data Key To Yahoo Japan, BrightTag Deal

KivenYahoo Japan, an information portal, has tapped BrightTag, a data integration platform, to support the underlying infrastructure powering the collection of data and delivery of re-marketing and media services.

The multiyear partnerships announced Wednesday makes data instantly accessible to advertisers, as it moves through the cloud in real time. It gives Yahoo Japan's advertisers a way to connect and collect through a unified data layer to drive online marketing strategies with more precise targeting.

Marc Kiven, founder and chief revenue officer at BrightTag, refers to the company's business model as the Fedex of data. "We pick it up and deliver it, making first-party data more valuable and easy to access," he said. "Yahoo Japan has recognized the hurtles that the U.S. market faces today with all the various fragmentation of services available to a Web site owner, and all the tags needed to work with service providers."



The service offers one universal tag powered by BrightTag that encorporates all their marketing services. It enables companies like Criteo, which recently received $40 million series D funding led by SoftBank, to become more effective, explains Mike Sands, president and CEO.

Softbank is Yahoo Japan's majority owner with a 40% stake; Yahoo owns 33%.

The partnership supports BrightTag's vision of a tag-less Web world, where the notion of tag containers and dumping tags on a Web site disappears, replaced the connection with a conduit that allows advertisers to work more efficiently.

BrightTag facilitates interactions between Web site owners, publishers and digital marketing services, so the first-party data might include the price, the color, the style, the texture, the size and other information required by search engines, demand side platform or other ad-related companies to serve ads or content.

The partnership also supports BrightTag's expansion plans. The platform is used on Web sites in more than 150 countries. Most recently, it acquired a London-based competitor to increase its European presence.

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