Havas Research: Brand Obama Scores With Voters

After four weeks of post-debate focus groups with voters, Havas Media’s “Meaningful Brands” research unit has found that two-thirds of voters believe President Obama will be reelected. The research also found Obama to be ahead across all of more than three dozen “softer” metrics, which relate to how voters feel “Brand Obama” and “Brand Romney” can improve their lives from both community and personal perspectives.

In particular, the research shows Obama scoring better than his opponent on issues associated with community, the environment and safety, which have emerged as key issues in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The survey showed that Obama is twice as likely to “listen and care about people,” as his opponent.

Respondents also indicated that the incumbent is also far more “interested in and committed to solving environmental issues” and is taking the lead in doing so.

Voters indicated that Obama is much better at “fostering community development” and “making people feel safer from threats and harm.”

Hernan Sanchez, CEO of Havas Media Intelligence, stated: “While we don’t doubt that both candidates are genuine in their repositioning toward the communities which have been hit [by the hurricane], it’s interesting to see how credible, meaningful and believable their actions will be in these crucial days before the election.”

“We see from these results just how solid Obama’s footage is on these issues.  At the same time, however, should the relief effort fail, he has more to lose.”



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