American Express Launches Amex Channel

American Express says it is launching the largest interactive TV campaign ever with the launch of a branded TV platform, the Amex Channel.

Working with big interactive TV provider BrightLine, the credit card company says the channel -- which will reach 50 million U.S. homes -- will give cardmembers stories, games and special offers. Cable and satellite TV programming package consumers can access the Amex Channel.

Lou Paskalis, vice president of global media content development and mobile marketing for American Express, stated: "This era of continuous digital innovation has allowed us to create a versatile platform to engage audiences in new and exciting ways."

Viewers can access the channel through clickable overlays that will air alongside some American Express commercials, dedicated channel positions, channel guide listings and interactive banners. American Express says the new channel will serve as an “always on” brand hub.

Jacqueline Corbelli, founder, chairman and CEO, BrightLine, added: "... it represents a leap forward in TV advertising."

BrightLine says it has designed and executed nearly 500 interactive television campaigns for top marketers.



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