Brooklyn Nets Enhance Yes Network's Worth

The YES Network has thrived with the New York Yankees, but there was always the possibility that it could do even better if the NBA team it carried would do better. But the New Jersey Nets always seemed to struggle and never offered much in the way of appealing superstars.

Now, things may be changing, making News Corp.’s nearing acquisition of half of the network even more valuable.  The team has moved to Brooklyn -- which has a certain cachet -- and it’s winning.

Even after a Tuesday loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team is 6-3 and second in its division. That game was a ratings winner for YES.

Although it started at 10 p.m., it was the most-watched regular-season game in nearly seven years, with an average of 125,000 households, according to YES. It was also the highest-rated with a 1.69 household average.

The numbers were below a 2006 game versus the Cavaliers with LeBron James, which drew an average of 134,000 households and a 1.82 rating.

It could be argued that the Lakers and their superstars had something to do with the draw Tuesday, but the Nets have played the Lakers many times, going back to 2006.

News Corp. has a deal to acquire 49% of YES, which eventually could climb to 80%.



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