Canadian Club Intros 'Join the Club' Campaign

Canadian-Club-chairman-video-BBeam Inc.’s Canadian Club Whiskey has launched a digital campaign in the U.S. that introduces a new character spokesperson, the “Canadian Club Chairman.”

The “Join the Club” campaign, with creative by the Brooklyn Brothers agency, currently includes four videos featuring the “chairman” -- a distinguished older man who offers brand-history information and advice (“Whisky Whisdoms”) to younger men interested in being initiated into whisky culture, and CC in particular. 

In the videos, the “chairman” compares his first CC whisky drink to noticing his first chest hair, and says that he drinks CC when he eats bacon (which is “all five food groups”), as well as when he’s consuming 73-ounce Porterhouse steaks. One video explains that CC was bootleggers’ preferred brand during the U.S. prohibition era.



Messages include: “Never send a beer to do a whisky’s job”; “Everything in moderation -- except bacon”; and “Drafts are best suited to fantasy football -- order a Canadian Club Whisky.” 

Consumers are being encouraged to submit their own “Whisky Whisdoms” and get access to “exclusive content, local event invites and wisdom” by joining The CC Club on Facebook

In Canada, the videos began airing as TV spots, as well as on digital, starting earlier this month, reports the GreatAds blog

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