Golf Channel Pushes 'Different' Agenda

Golf-Channet-ASpeaking strongly to its core -- sometimes eccentric -- viewers, the Golf Channel has started up a new brand campaign with the theme: "We Know We're Different."

The 82-million-subscriber network, now under the wing of NBCUniversal, has begun running a brand campaign with a number of different commercial executions, where golfers "talk" to their balls and are revealed in somewhat eccentric garb.

With a solid rock guitar riff as a backdrop, one commercial has golfers talking to their balls in flight: "C'mon ball," "Sit," "Get up, get up!" and "Catch the green!" The message -- superimposed in big, bold letters on the screen: "If you will talk... it will listen." This ended with overall brand campaign tagline: "We Know We're Different."

Another network spot talks about fashion, showing golf commentators and golfers with bow-ties, funky hats, wild pants with a rainbow of colors. The voiceover: "We know clothes don't make the man. But they do make the golfer."

Still another network promo talks about efforts and preparation with visuals of the professionals and others duffers: "You don't win on Sunday... without showing up Thursday. Perhaps earlier."

West Coast entertainment creative agency Troika came up with the campaign for the Golf Channel. Troika Creative Director Whit Friese said: "We wanted to link their personality, their passion for the game, with the same enthusiasm shared by the core golf fan.”

Five promo spots will air throughout the network’s fall and winter programming. There will be a print execution as well. Troika will also provide print and graphics for Golf Channel.



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