AccentHealth Acquires Havas Ad Biz

AccentHealth, which operates place-based networks in physician waiting rooms, has acquired a wall-mounted ad business from Havas. The deal allows the company to add more non-video inventory to its portfolio, which includes “health panels” and posters.

The wallboard business had been run by Havas’ Impact unit. AccentHealth, which looks for advertisers in the health and wellness categories, uses programming from a CNN division for 13 networks (such as Ob-gyn and Rheumatology) and has a presence in 26,000 offices.

AccentHealth said it will also be debuting interactive content to complement its TV network.

“Havas has built a valuable network reaching patients and doctors in a broad range of offices,” stated AccentHealth CEO Dan Stone.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta is one of the hosts of the AccentHealth network, which has been in offices since 1995. The company is partly owned by a pair of private-equity firms.

Havas Impact operates a variety of business from experiential marketing to music and entertainment marketing to sampling programs.



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