adverCar's "Mobile" Campaign

Out-of-home media ad company adverCar announced today a new campaign that stretches the meaning of “mobile advertising.” The campaign is designed for mobile casino game company Koolbit with the tagline “Koolbit wants you!” The “you” is mobile game engineers in the San Francisco area; it is essentially a creative job posting.

The OOH advertising will be done throughout the streets of San Francisco, as paid volunteers will sport removable decals featuring the “Koolbit wants you!” stickers. The volunteer drivers will keep these stickers on their car for about a month, taking Koolbit’s job posting with them everywhere they go.

The stickers have a pirate lady from one of Koolbit’s most popular games pointing outward. Koolbit CEO Gerard Cunningham says the pirate lady is “one of [the company’s] most loved characters.” He says, “She is a strong iconic character, and as we thought about a call to action, we remembered the powerful image of Uncle Sam calling on citizens to sign up and go to serve the country. And we want that kind of passion in our new team members!”

Koolbit ran a campaign using adverCar through November. Cunningham said, “Our job applicants tripled in volume in the first week, and I was shocked by the number of calls and messages I received from friends, acquaintances, and strangers who had seen the cars.” The success of the campaign caused Koolbit to turn to adverCar again for this new campaign, which will run through the holidays. About 50 new “adverCars” will be deployed on to the streets of San Francisco on December 15.

“Given the nature of this campaign, we flooded areas in SF where engineers live and work,” said adverCar CEO Neil Turner. “This really is combining social media ‘likes’ with physical Word of Mouth, something that really can’t be replaced by any brand, retailer, CPG, etc. A person is implying endorsing the product or service being showcased on their car.”

In a release, Turner stated, “This campaign has been effective in proving our ability to quickly deploy and impact consumers to achieve Koolbit’s goals. We’re looking forward to working with them on the next campaign.”

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