NBA Launches First 'Hoop Troop' Ad

  • December 18, 2012

The NBA is launching the first spot of its "NBA Hoop Troop," a campaign featuring a set of animated characters. The youth-focused platform, launched in November, aims to get boys and girls ages 6-12 interested in the game. The new spot shows the Troop saving two kids from a boring, humdrum day. 

Two young boys, Carter and Dylan, are in their bedroom surfing the Web when a glowing blue power surge electrifies the room. The Hoop Troop flies out of the computer screen and and introduces them to, an NBA site with such content as games, videos, stats, and scores. The starting five characters -- Slam!, Ally Oop, Swish, Gym Bag, and Sneaker -- recede back into the Web online world,  leaving the two boys excited about the NBA.

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