Poll: 68%, Still Shopping, Love Booze and Lotto

  • December 20, 2012

Consumer Reports says that 68% of Americans, or 132 million people, still haven’t finished their holiday shopping. And it estimates that some 17 million plan to be in stores on Christmas Eve. For these procrastinators, gift cards are the solution: 62% say they will buy one, 27% will give cash, 15% will buy an alcoholic beverage as a gift, and 12% will give lottery tickets.

Meanwhile, the poll also revealed that people are overwhelmingly happy about spending more time with a spouse or significant other over the holidays, with 98% looking forward to it, and 88% saying they are looking forward to it “a lot,” as opposed to the rest of the clan: 33% aren’t psyched to see stepparents, and 22% could do with less of their siblings.



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