Entertainment Tops Among Online Viewers

Kim-KardashianDespite a contentious presidential election, an unprecedented natural disaster, and an Olympics that tested the limits of cross-platform media coverage, entertainment kept online video viewers under its spell in 2012.
Indeed, entertainment remained the most popular category among video viewers, this year, according to new data from AOL’s On Network. In order, news, style, food, and health followed.
As single events, however, no amount of star power or Hollywood glitz could overshadow the London Olympic Games or the national elections, according to AOL. Both the Emmy and Oscar telecasts trailed behind both events, with Hurricane Sandy coming in fifth place.

What’s more, within AOL’s video network, the hurricane that devastated the Northeast topped all socially shared topics, followed by the elections, and the Aurora movie theater massacre.



Ran Harnevo, SVP of The AOL On Network, said the way in which consumers got their video fix in 2012 was perhaps as remarkable as topic of interest. In particular, along with online viewership, “mobile video viewership grew by leaps and bounds in 2012,” he noted.
Among mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS edged out Android with a 52% versus 47% market share. Among tablet users, iOS made up 41% of the market, compared with Android’s 36% share.
On desktops, Windows continued to dominate with a 93% market share, while Apple’s Mac made up just 6% of the market.

Among video viewers, Kim Kardashian remained the most-watched celebrity, followed by Kanye West, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Katie Holmes, and Rihanna.

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