Arizona Takes Tourism Cue From The Stars

Arizodiac-BThe stars may shine bright over Texas, but Arizona is encouraging people to find meaning in them, urging people in three cities to find their “Arizodiac” sign as they plan vacations. 

Complementing the state’s national “In a word: Arizona” tourism effort, the campaign is targeted at travelers in Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis, which are a source of many Arizona travelers during the winter months, says Kiva Couchon, director of communications for the Arizona Office of Tourism. 

The Arizodiac campaign is a playful guide for potential travelers to plan their vacations in Arizona, based on the activities and destinations that appeal to them.

Broken into 12 Arizona-related animals, travelers use the Arizodiac to choose the sign that best represents their personal traveling characteristics. A Javelina, for instance, is meant to appeal to family travelers who may want to take a river rafting trip or head to the Challenger Space Center. The Coatimundi, on the other hand, provides information on dining options in the state. 



“Research has shown that residents from these cities specifically choose certain activities,” Couchon tells Marketing Daily, explaining how the state hit upon the 12 categories. “The 12 animals that represent all kinds of activities that people can see and enjoy.”

The campaign ties into the broader national tourism effort by using the imagery from the larger effort, Couchon says. The state’s department of tourism is using outdoor, television, newspaper and online advertising to promote the campaign, which began earlier this month and will continue until late February.

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