Netflix Gains Exclusive Access To 'Dallas,' Amazon Goes To Wii

Dallas-AA week after a deal giving it access to Warner Bros. shows such as NBC’s “Revolution,” Netflix has another arrangement with Time Warner that covers content carried on its Turner networks, including the remake of “Dallas.” Netflix will have sole streaming rights to the first two seasons of the TNT show, produced by a Warner Bros. unit, starting in January.

Meanwhile, as Netflix and Amazon compete in the streaming-video space, Amazon will make its Instant Video service available as an app on the new Nintendo Wii U, which could rival Microsoft’s Xbox Live as an entertainment hub. The service covers tens of thousands of TV shows and films.



As Netflix looks to build up its kids’ programming, the deal also covers previous seasons of Cartoon Network programming such as “Ben 10” and “Adventure Time,” which will become available in March.

Targeting an older animation-oriented audience, Netflix will gain rights to Adult Swim series “Robot Chicken” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” as well as Sony Pictures Television’s “The Boondocks.”

"The industry has evolved so that TV Everywhere and subscription video on-demand services can coexist with the appropriate windowing strategy, while allowing for more content flexibility to meet consumer demand in the changing digital landscape," stated Deborah K. Bradley, a senior vice president at Turner.

Bradley also referenced the potential for Netflix to help boost viewership for current series -- something Netflix has indicated it has done for several years on AMC.

With the deal announced last week, “Revolution” will come to Netflix next year in the middle of its second season. Also included is “666 Park Avenue,” which has been cancelled by ABC.

Time Warner is party to another agreement with Netflix covering series on the CW network, where it owns 50%.



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