ESPN 3D Returning To Telco Distributor

ESPN-3D-AAfter dropping ESPN 3D two years ago, the network will be returning to AT&T U-Verse as part of a broad distribution agreement with Disney. AT&T had offered the network as part of a pay tier for $10 a month before its decision to stop carrying it. A representative for AT&T said Tuesday that details are still being worked out regarding the network’s return.

The broader Disney deal covers a slew of properties, including a group under the ESPN banner, a coming ABC News/ Univision joint venture, a run of ABC-owned local stations and Disney Junior.

Also included is on-demand content from ESPN Films and full seasons of ABC series. AT&T offers the Longhorn Network to some of its customers, and that will continue.



After dropping ESPN 3D, Multichannel News ran a statement from AT&T indicating ESPN was commanding too much in carriage fees, “especially considering the low demand we've seen from customers."

Seven distributors have been offering ESPN 3D, including DirecTV and Comcast, which don't charge extra.

The question of 3D TV’s prospects have been raised many times with suggestions that customer interest has been below expectations. Still, ESPN expanded its network to 24/7 two years ago.



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