Flingo, Innvoid Partner For Interactive, Cross-Platform Ads

Ashwin-Navin-AFurther blurring the line between TV and Web experiences, app publisher Flingo is inviting advertisers to serve interactive video messages over multiple platforms.   
Courtesy of a new partnership with video technology platform Innovid, Flingo is offering advertisers interactive pre-roll video ads on smart TVs.
Innovid’s so-called iRoll format allows marketers to insert interactive elements in video, including games, contest entries, social apps and coupons.
Regardless of what gadget or console consumers prefer, Flingo is trying to heighten its engagement levels in a measurable way, according to Ashwin Navin, Flingo founder and CEO.
“We are enabling advertisers to bring the rich interactions and measurability that brands love about online advertising within TVs,” said Navin.
The deal builds on Flingo’s recently launched Samba platform, which allows users to connect their TVs and mobile devices through proprietary “automatic content recognition” technology.
Samba enables advertisers to serve additional product and service information to viewers directly through their smart TVs, or devices synchronized with their TVs such as tablets and smartphones.
Innovid also believes that iRoll’s direct-response capabilities can shorten sales cycles for marketers.
Founded in 2008, Flingo claims to currently reach about 18 million screens in over 100 countries around the globe. Flingo competes against -- and in some cases partners with -- a cadre of over-the-top TV services. (Roku recently announced a partnership with Flingo, which promised the set-top-box maker 70 new channels, including TMZ, History Channel, and CollegeHumor.)
Flingo, however, doesn’t require users to attach a separate device to their TVs. Rather, its software comes pre-loaded through partnerships with the TV manufacturers.

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