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Nielsen: Super Bowl Ads Most Liked, Remembered

2013-Budweiser-Super-Bowl-Ad-BThe Super Bowl is 11 minutes long. But the ads! They have just started. Here's Nielsen's take on most remembered, and most liked.

Doritos was this year’s creative MVP for the second year running, with the "Goat 4 Sale" ad, the sixth time the company has crowd-sourced creative. The ad was the most liked and most memorable, per the firm, which says eight of the top 10 most memorable ads also placed among the top 10 most liked, which include Taco Bell, Tide, Ram, the NFL and America’s Milk Processors.

Taco Bell’s "Goodnight Mr. Goldblatt" was the second most-memorable and third most-liked commercial in Nielsen's ranking. It was also the most tweeted-about ad of the game, getting 215,000 tweets during the game, per SocialGuide. GoDaddy got the most conversation for its makeout scene.



Nielsen notes that "good-natured humor and sentimental themes" work. "Doritos’ “Goat 4 Sale" and "Princess Fashion Show" ads and Tide’s Miracle Stain spot were examples.

Sentiment: Budweiser, Ram and the NFL took the Kleenex sector. Bud stole a trick from "War Horse" kinda: Trainer raises foal, they part when foal grows up, moves to L.A. to pursue an acting career, scores big with a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial as a Clydesdale, sends residuals back to trainer who uses windfall to buy a new Ram. Horse and trainer reunite after a few years apart, and talk about Old Times while horse ignores calls from agent.

Speaking of Ram, the Chrysler Group truck brand scored big with a brilliant turn using none other than a read broadcast from Paul Harvey extolling the virtues of farming. It's likely that pickup truck owners may be among those who actually cherish the memory of Harvey, especially with the current crop of radio wackos, screamers and bloviators. The NFL thanked fans by sending their favorite NFL players to their houses to surprise them.

Nielsen’s Top 10 Most Memorable Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

1. Doritos' Goat 4 Sale (:30)  Recall Index: 138

2. Taco Bell's "Goodnight Mr. Goldblatt" (:60) Recall Index: 137

3. GoDaddy's "Two sides to GoDaddy" (:30) Recall Index: 130

4. Doritos' "Princess fashion show" (:30) Recall Index: 128

5. Tide's "Miracle Stain" (:60) Recall Index: 128

6. Ram's "God made a farmer" (:120) Recall Index: 127

7. Coca-Cola's "Race to Coke" (:60) Recall Index: 125

8. NFL Network's "Leon Sandcastle" (:60) Recall Index: 123

9. America’s Milk Processors "The Rock" (:30) Recall Index: 122

10. NFL's "NFL Evolution" (:30) Recall Index: 122

Nielsen’s Top 10 Most Liked Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

1. Doritos' "Goat 4 Sale" Likeability Index: 221

2. M&M’s' "I would do anything for love" Likeability: 200

3. Taco Bell's "Goodnight Mr. Goldblatt" Likeability: 182

4. Budweiser's Clydesdale & Trainer Likeability: 171

5. America’s Milk Processors' "The Rock – Got Milk?" Likeability: 168

6. Doritos' "Princess fashion show" Likeability 164

7. Tide's "Miracle Stain" Likeability: 157

8. NFL's "Thank you for being a fan" Likeability: 146

9. Ram's "God Made a Farmer" Likeability: 143

10. Subway's "Congrats Jared" Likeability: 143

The scores are based on about 6,750 ad surveys of Super Bowl viewers, per Nielsen. The Recall Index is a calculated using percent of viewers who remember seeing the ad versus mean general recall score of all 2013 Super Bowl ads. The former is expressed as a multiple of the latter (i.e., percentage of those who remember Budweiser ad is x-times percent of those who remember all ads). Same drill for Likeability Index.

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