Horizon Wins 1&1 Media Account

11-AHorizon Media has been awarded U.S. media duties for global Web hosting company 1&1, a unit of United Internet AG.

The client spends an estimated $35 to $40 million a year on ads in the U.S., according to Kantar. Spending is primarily in the direct-response sector. Expenditures are likely to rise as the client has expansion plans in the U.S., which the agency indicated is “potentially its largest global market.”

“Horizon provided a clear strategic vision for our brand and demonstrated they could leverage data to drive business results for” the company, stated Rudiger Kluth, managing director at 1&1.

It was not immediately clear which other agencies participated in the review process.

“1&1 has a compelling offering, and we look forward to bringing the full power of Horizon’s direct marketing resources to help them cut through, engage and drive demand in a very crowded space,” stated Gene Turner, senior vice president, managing director at Horizon’s Direct Marketing Division.

The client competes in a Web hosting market that includes Yahoo, GoDaddy and HostGator.

1&1 is one of several United Internet Web hosting companies that provide service in Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada, with plans to expand to additional countries. The parent company currently claims approximately 42 million customer accounts. In 2011 it reported roughly $2.8 billion in revenue. It is based in Montabaur, Germany.

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  1. Rolf Warth from Warth Publishing Inc, February 20, 2013 at 7:45 p.m.

    Warth Publishing Inc.
    I wish I had read the criticisms of 1and1 before I bought their package. They billed me for over 30 domains I did not wish to renew. I stopped payment on this invoice and they locked my access to my account. All I asked for was a new corrected invoice. They refused. Now they keep sending me whois reviews and I cannot access my account to cancel or renew domains. Every invoice is filled with mistakes that I am billed for. I am losing potential thousands of dollars in revenue. Now I cannot cancel the package because I cannot access my package.
    They keep sending me more and more domains to renew but I cannot access my account because it is locked. They say to unlock the package is to pay for the domain renewals I do not want renewed.
    They said they would credit my account with the domains they erroneously charged me for. However they did not. They only credited my account for 8 of the more than 30.
    I am contacted the CEO and others to see if they know what is going on. No response.
    I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet Fraud Division and other government agencies. I ask others who have suffered from these people to do the same.

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