Adobe: Twitter Campaign Results Promising

In connection with Twitter opening up its Ads API today, launch partner Adobe released results from a trial campaign for its own Marketing Cloud platform. Testing the Promoted Accounts API specifically over several weeks, the company saw the following

--By using granular targeting, testing different bid levels and segmenting campaigns by regions, Adobe was able to increase the follower base (number of followers on Twitter) by 63%.

--The total Cost Per Follow (CPF) decreased by close to 60% or approximately $2.00.

--Prior to the campaign Adobe had organic growth at around two dozen followers per day. With Promoted Accounts, it saw the growth rate spike dramatically to an average of over 400 new followers per day.

--Since the campaign ended, Adobe saw its follower growth revert to a higher baseline of about 115 followers per day. Postings and promotions have not changed significantly, which indicates a possible ongoing benefit of Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and new followers being highly engaged with the brand.

Adobe will let clients manage Twitter ad efforts through its Media Optimizer platform for optimizing campaigns across social, search and display. Besides testing the functionality of the Ads API internally, Adobe also worked with key customers including Levi Strauss & Co. and Threadless.

“The performance gains Media Opti­mizer pro­duced dur­ing our beta period, such as low­er­ing cost-per-follow by 60%, are indica­tive of the value we offer our cus­tomers for their Twit­ter campaigns,” said David Karnstedt, SVP, media and advertising solutions at Adobe, in a blog post today.

Besides Adobe, HootSuite,, TBG Digital and SHIFT were selected as initial Ads API partners by Twitter.

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