How To Set Up A Brand Myspace Page

A few weeks ago, I wrote about who should be scared of Myspace. Since then, I've found myself on the site more and more -- getting addicted to its design, usability and, of course, music. Here are a few tips to help you get your brand up and running quickly.

Icon & Cover Image

These will be the visual representations of your brand on Myspace. Undoubtedly, you will want to use your logo for the square, Twitter-like icon for your account. But don't be afraid to have some fun. Think: MTV's personality-driven logo in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

For the Cover Image, spend a few hundred bucks and hire a professional photographer. Make a day out of shooting fun, music-themed photos so you can switch out the Cover Image often. Think of the Cover Image as if it's your company's vinyl record cover.

Maybe even find a local wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are used to shooting a variety of photos in a short amount of time with a diverse group of people. Show the personality of the people in your company through your ever-changing Cover Image.

Say Something About Yourself

This is your very very brief bio. The main thing: just don't make it boring. You don't have to make it wacky,  just don't make it a snooze. Use interesting language, be funny or make a music reference -- just don't be plain Jane.


Connections are what drive Myspace. They are the artists, albums, songs and people about whom you are proclaiming "I like these Connections!" A Connection functions much like a Facebook Like. If your brand is big and/or lucky enough to have worked with a lot of artists for your commercials and events, make sure to add them as Connections. If not, choose Connections that represent the ethos of your brand: songs that speak to your mission statement, artists that hail from the same town as your headquarters, albums that could be the soundtrack of your product.


Connections are like the friends surrounding you when you are introduced to someone new. The new person you are meeting might be able to learn some things from seeing you for the first time, but that new person is going to learn a lot by seeing who else you surround yourself with.


The little black cassette tape of Myspace, Mixes are a collection of songs curated by you. Some possible mixes you might want to put together:

  • If you have high-profile employees (C-suite, customer service, founders, etc.), showcase their favorite music.
  • Create a Mix for each of your biggest products: a soundtrack of sorts.
  • Make a series of Mixes telling the story/timeline of your company.
  • Let each of your major retail outlets create a Mix.
  • Invite your top clients to make their own Mix for your account, thus building a portfolio list of clients.

Profile Song

Choose wisely. This is the one song that represents you. Much like the Cover Image, don't be afraid to change it up regularly. Music is hugely connected with mood and environment. Make sure to tap into the mood and status of your company to inspire the right Profile Song.

Top 8

These are your Top 8 Connections. Until you've chosen some Connections for your account, you won't be able to add to your Top 8. This was the one unintuitive part of Myspace for me, so hopefully the tip helps you.

Last Word

And, finally, one last -- but very important -- word of advice. If you don't know music that well, get the help of someone who does! It doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) a music elitist. Find someone who loves music and can pick out what music OTHER people will like (not just himself/herself).

The right music nerd will help you show some style, represent your brand correctly and make your page approachable while also unique.

Have fun!

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