Ford Gets NASCAR Partner Prize

  • March 8, 2013

Ford got the NASCAR Driving Business award in Las Vegas  at the organization's NASCAR Fuel for Business Council meeting on Friday. Ford gets the nod because of the panoply of  deals they have cut through NASCAR with other official NASCAR partners.

The NFFB Council involves some 55 Official NASCAR Partners in a speed-dating (no pun intended) scenario four times a year around products and services. Ford, per the organization, gets the nod for its effort to sell vehicles to other NFFB members through its Partner Recognition Program. Through an advanced customer database, the company directly attributes vehicle sales and lead generation to NASCAR Official Partner assets. 

Ford Motor Company, which has been competing in NASCAR since 1949, has been a member of the NFFB Council since 2007, per NASCAR. Last year Ford sold more than 5,500 vehicles to NASCAR Official Partners with one of its largest vehicle sales deals being worth more than $5 million, according to association, which said more than two-thirds of Council members participated in Ford’s “Partner Recognition Program” with the likes of 3M and Sprint.



"Winning the ‘Driving Business Award’ for the second time in the past three years is a direct reflection of Tim Duerr, our motorsports marketing manager’s dedication to the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council and the value it provides to our brand,” said Jamie Allison, director, Ford Racing. “As a proud member of the Council, we are continuously developing new strategies to drive business and this platform has proven to be a particularly effective tool in generating positive return on investment.”

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